About R&D


Research is an important part of Richest, innovative business, group is committed to a variety of new materials including OLED new materials, electronic materials, research and development of pharmaceutical intermediates and noble metal catalysts, innovation and development. The group has a strong R & D team, complete research facilities and quality control monitoring facilities. Our domestic and foreign well-known institutions long term cooperative research and development and innovation.

R&D spending

  • Richest  3.5% - 3.5% of sales revenue will be used for research and development each year
  • The continuous high intensity of r&d has become Richest performance is one of the momentum of steady growth quickly.

R&D direction

Group mainly new electronic materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, precious metal catalyst as its core research and development directions.

R&D ability

R&D Milestones

Our three new generation of new type catalysts have been developed and applied to various kinds of chemical production.

Many new materials of OLED products of the company has a large number of from the lab to the commercial production of the factory.

Company new nano titanium dioxide is a world leading level.